Six Piston Front & Rear Brake Upgrade Kit for Jaguar

£ 2,950.00 GBP

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about this product

Introducing the new six piston brake kit, designed to provide maximum stopping power and eliminate shaky steering. The kit features six high-performance brake pistons, which offer superior braking performance over traditional two or four piston systems. With its innovative design, this brake kit helps solve the common issue of shaky steering, which can be caused by a variety of factors such as warped brake discs, corroded hub to disc mating faces, worn suspension components, and unbalanced wheels. Our team of experts has all the necessary tools and experience to test these parts before replacing, ensuring that you receive a top-quality product that will perform to the highest standards. Say goodbye to shaky steering and enjoy a smooth, secure driving experience with the new six piston brake kit. Works on the following models: XF x250 and x260, XJ x350, x358, XJ x35, XE, XK, and F-Type. 1 month lead time.

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