F type SVR style Active Spoiler

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about this product

Does your F type currently have the little flap that raises up and down? This kit works with the existing motor and electronics to turn your F type rear end into an SVR style. With real carbon fibre parts - Carbon spoiler, base plate and stalks, these can be painted or left as carbon fibre. Plus the quality active mechanisms now made by our engineers give an awesome swooping deploying movement as seen in one of our project car YouTube videos 'The Apple'. Available at a fraction of the cost of the parts from the dealership. Please note fettling and finesse of the carbon pieces is advised for a quality neat install. Also the active brackets require welding to the motor axle. Installation service available if required at our workshop based B496EH United Kingdom. Please contact us via our enquiry form at the bottom of the home page or via our contact telephone number should you wish to use this service.

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