Quad exhaust tips and rear diffuser 2.2 diesel Jaguar XF

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about this product

The Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel is a great reliable car but unfortunately only comes from the factory with one exhaust outlet and a rather plain looking rear bumper diffuser as shown in the pictures. We have a great upgrade available with our kit that includes: Left hand and Right hand quad exhaust tips, sporty OEM looking rear bumper diffuser, bracket kit. Choice of chrome quad RS style exhaust tips or Carbon fibre exhaust tips. The existing right hand exhaust tip needs to be cut off and the new tip clamped or welded in place to the customers preference. The left hand tip is suspended using the bespoke bracket provided and is for aesthetic purposes only (no smoke passes through this tip). The quality rear diffuser provided can be painted to your preferred colour or can be left as it comes (plain satin black plastic). Please note we can fabricate a custom exhaust system in house so the smoke is guided out of both exhaust tips, however this is a significant increase in cost for no performance gains. Please note this kit is for aesthetics only, it does not affect engine power or exhaust noise levels. Installation service available if required at our workshop based B496EH United Kingdom. Please contact us via our enquiry form at the bottom of the home page or via our contact telephone number should you wish to use this service. Fits Jaguar XF (x250) 2012-2015 2.2 diesel.

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