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Please call / fill out form with your vehicle details: Reg No, Make, Model, Year, Petrol/Diesel/Other, Engine size. We can enhance your vehicle with a performance engine ECU remap, providing additional power without compromising on reliability. Whether your vehicle is petrol or diesel, turbo-charged, supercharged or normally aspirated, we can optimise the maps held within your vehicle’s ECU to produce the perfect balance of more power, a smoother torque curve, better throttle response and more progressive power delivery, whilst not exceeding the safe parameters within the engine. If you have other “bolt-on” modifications to your vehicle – i.e. performance air filters, high flow exhausts – you may not be gaining the maximum benefit without a remap. Some modifications change the way the air flows through the engine, which can change the air to fuel ratio. With a performance tune, or remap, we will take your modifications into account, to gain the optimum benefits. - Increased power & torque - Smoother torque curve - Increased acceleration - Sharper throttle response - Reduced turbo lag - Widened power band - Maximised, safer levels of horsepower - Improved towing ability and more Overall, your vehicle will be more powerful – it will feel faster and feel much more responsive, and will be a more pleasurable vehicle to drive. The remap we load onto your car will be a tried and tested file previously developed using a dyno and other test equipment, by very experienced mapping file writers. Please note a tried and tested performance remap will not break your car, but things such as lack of maintenance, underlying vehicle faults, driver error can break your car. Your vehicle must be in good condition before considering performance tuning.

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