Jaguar Supercharger Charge Air Cooler - Wraptor Performance Cooler (Type 2)

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about this product

This air cooler is a staggering twice as thick as the standard part on the car. Its made from pure aluminium, and helps cool the supercharged compressed air, thus improving on power and efficiency. Unlike the original, this air cooler doesn't use plastic crimps end tanks and doesn't deteriorate like the original. Complete with all relevant bracketry. Each one is bespoke hand-fabricated, therefore some of the brackets will require careful measuring and holes drilling, where relevant, to fit your model of car. Recommended for warmer climates. Also recommended for a tuned car running additional boost via supercharger pulley upgrades. We also have the ability to run a separate header tank on the XF x250, separating it from the engines main cooling system, also adding security/reliability to the cooling system, helping again to keep lower temperatures. Kit comes with extra long stainless steel bolts and spacers to allow to fit the extra thick new charge cooler in the car. Please note, this is an aftermarket part, some minor modifications may be required i.e. trimming of plastic surrounds. This one fits: Supercharged Jaguar XF (x260 2015 onwards shape) Supercharged Jaguar XE Supercharged Jaguar F- Pace

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